Youth Works

About Arun’s Youth Works! 

For many young people, a lack of confidence, encouragement and practical job searching skills are far bigger barriers to employment than a lack of qualifications, skills or experience.

Youth Works! is a brand-new youth employment project aimed at unemployed 18 and 24 year olds, receiving benefits through Littlehampton or Bognor Regis Job Centre Plus.

The project has three key elements and clients will receive dedicated, personalised support for up to 13 weeks, or until they move into a job or education.

A unique project to build the skills and confidence of 18 to 24 year olds and help them become valued members of Arun’s local workforce.

Local employers in Arun Business Partnership play a vital role by providing employment and work experience opportunities.

What’s in it for Arun’s local businesses?

Despite the rising number of unemployed young people, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to fill vacancies and recruit good employees.

On the other side of the coin, many young people believe applying for a job involves simply pressing “Apply” on Reed or Indeed, and don’t understand why they are not winning interviews or securing jobs.

Youth Works! explains the essential skills of job searching, the value of a good CV and what employers are looking for and quite rightly expect.

Our aim is to create job candidates who have the right attitude, behaviours and confidence to be a positive addition to any business.

For employers, we will have a pool of candidates you can tap into – all eager to work hard and use their skills to boost your business.

Stage One – Specialist Training (One Day Course)

The Youth Works! journey starts with an exceptional self-development course which will help attendees to examine their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours and understand the power they have to banish unhelpful or limiting thinking and feel more confident.

Thanks to financial support and management of the Partnership by Arun District Council’s Economic Development Unit, and the support of member companies, membership is free and so are regular networking and training events.

Stage Two – Job Search Toolkit (Half Day Course)

Clients will be helped to identify transferable skills, understand exactly what employers are looking for, where and how to search for job opportunities, interview skills practice and we’ll make sure they have a great CV that will help them win interviews.

Stage 3 – Getting a job

After the training, we will work with Arun Business Partnership member businesses to promote and match potential candidates with local vacancies and support their job applications.

We will also help clients explore (and sometimes fund) qualifications and training that will advance their career and work aspirations.

Our Goals

Our aim is to support 300 young people between January and December 2022.

Who is providing the Youth Works! project? 

Youth Works! is part of Arun District Council’s Journey to Work project and is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

For over 22 years, Arun District Council has managed Arun Business Partnership – a network of over 3,500 businesses based in Arun District.

We have built strong relationships with local businesses and employers which we have used in our Journey to Work project to match local people with local employers and help build skills levels and employment opportunities within the District.

We will continue to work with Arun Business Partnership to place Youth Works! clients in apprenticeships, trainee programmes, work experience and paid employment.

How to get involved

We would love to hear from local businesses who want to get involved in Youth Works!

There are lots of ways local businesses can support the project: –

  • Providing opportunities for work experience
  • Letting us know about vacancies, apprenticeships and trainee opportunities within your business
  • Sharing your wisdom and experience with young job seekers through talks, visits to your business and mentoring
  • Interviewing candidates and providing constructive feedback people can build on.

Arun’s Business Development Manager Miriam Nicholls is leading the Youth Works! project and would love to hear from you –