Winning an award can raise the profile of your company and do wonders for business and employee morale.

So, how do you give yourself the best chance of winning at the Arun Business Awards 2022?

Here’s our Top Ten Tips for impressing the judges.

1. Choose the right category to enter

Read through all the award categories before deciding which ones to enter.

 You can enter as many as you want however, you’ve got more chance of winning if you focus on the categories where your business can really shine.

So, if your annual training programme consists of sending one member of staff on First Aid training, it’s probably not worth entering the Training and Development Award.

2. Answer every question

Sounds simple, but you would be surprised at the number of incomplete entries we receive.

The questions explain what the judges are looking for, so read them carefully and answer them with facts and details where you can.

And, include all your contact details, including your website address if you have one.

3. Assume nothing

The awards are supported by Arun District Council and run by Arun Business Partnership which has over 2,000 member businesses.

 Although we do our best, we don’t know each one personally.

In your nomination, remember to describe what you do or sell, explain who your customers are, let us know how long you’ve been trading and why you think your company deserves to win an award.

4. Remember to KISS!

Keep it Short and Simple!

Our judging panel is made up of local business people who give up their time to support the ABP Business of the Year Awards and we receive over one hundred entries every year.

We assess and discuss each nomination thoroughly and this takes time.

If your entry goes over the allocated word count, we won’t consider it.

It wouldn’t be fair to the people who do stick to the word limit.

Focus on each question and give the judges exactly what they are asking for – as succinctly as you can.

Please don’t cut and paste the same answers to different questions – it’s boring and a bit lazy.

5. Give us the Facts

Although we don’t want to see spreadsheets and endless statistics, the judges will be impressed if you share facts which demonstrate your business is at the top of its game.

For example, if you’re entering the Best Place to Eat or Drink award and your restaurant in Bognor Regis is number one on TripAdvisor, tell us!

And, if you’re entering the Marketing and Promotion award and your Littlehampton business has just welcomed its millionth customer thanks to your latest email campaign, tell us!

Obviously, you must be able to prove what you’re saying and produce further evidence if the judges request it.

6. Don’t send attachments

The high number of entries we receive means we can only judge entries on the information provided in the nomination form.

You can include links to your website or other sites containing relevant information, but please don’t send additional paperwork and marketing brochures.

7. Let your customers speak

Testimonials are powerful and you should include quotes from satisfied customers or links to your online customer reviews.

Better still, why not ask happy customers to nominate you for an award?

It’s quick and easy to enter online – just make sure they include all your contact details as well as their own.

8. Check for spelling mistakes

Before you press SEND, read through your entry to check for spelling mistakes and typos.

Silly mistakes can spoil your entry and make your business look unprofessional.

9. Tell the world you have entered

Once you have entered, tell your customers and use your entry as an opportunity to promote your business.

Use the facts you have gathered for your entry as posts on Facebook and other social media.

People like doing business with successful businesses and your customers will share in your pride and hopefully buy from you in future.


We must receive your entry on Friday 14 October 2022.

Entries received after this date will not be considered.

Good luck!